DUE DATE: Saturday, October 10, 2009 

TOPIC: "That's Funny!"

  Students should create a picture they feel will make people laugh. For this contest, you may only write up to one word on the picture so that the humor comes mainly from what's drawn and not what's written. 


There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th awarded in both divisions


UPPER DIVISION = age 8+ (turned 8 before October 1, 2009)

1st place = $30 in gift cards 2nd place = $20 in gift cards 3rd place = $10 in gift cards 4th place = a small prize

PARENTS: As usual, I am hoping that each family will donate $1 or $2 to help me with purchasing prizes. 


1.) Only one entry per student

2.) The winners will be decided by student secret voting during class on the week of Oct. 12-17.

3.) Entries should be drawn or painted. Collage is allowed only if the entry has drawing or painting on it too.

     Entries should not be sculpture, photography, video, or computer graphics. Also, please do not draw on graph paper or notebook paper.

4.) No tracing of photographs or other people's artwork!!! (Looking at photographs and other artwork to help you figure out how to draw something is okay.)

5.) Do not write the student's name or date on the front of the picture!!! (Writing on the back is okay as long as it can't be seen from the front.) 


IF IT IS RAINING: We will have class at my house instead. 

WHICH CLASSES WILL ATTEND:     Mon. 3:45, Mon. 4:45, Tue. 5:00, Sat. 9:00, Sat 2:00, Sat 6:00

DATE: Sat. April 11th 5-7pm (unless the weather is bad) Those of you who have absolutely no way of making it on that day, I will try to arrange another outdoor class in May after I return from Paris.

For the students who attend outdoor day, art class is optional on the week after it (Apr. 13th-18th).



LOCATION: Tanglewood Park. It is very close to my house. A map is posted below. Parents should drop off and pick up at the parking lot (where the tree symbol is on the map) not at my house. Please arrive early!

WHAT WE WILL BE DOING: This time, we will be creating ink drawings of nature using sticks that we find on the ground to draw with.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring a sketchbook. You may also bring a snack and a cushion, blanket, or small stool to sit on if you want to.                              


I will bring beverages for everyone for outdoor class. What are your top 3 choices? (Each voter can pick 3)
Coke or Coke Zero
Dr. Pepper
Sprite or Sierra Mist
some type of Fanta
root beer
some type of Gatorade
some type of Caprisun or Hi-C
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LOWER GROUP (age 4-8)

1st     Claire Wang        age 6        70 points      29 total votes        1st (18 votes)       2nd (5 votes)       3rd (6 votes)

2nd    Vivian Fu              age 7        43 points      24 total votes        1st (5)                    2nd (9)                  3rd (10)

3rd     Jenny Xu              age 7        41 points      20 total votes        1st (5)                    2nd (11)               3rd (4)

4th     Chloe Wang        age 4        40 points      21 total votes        1st (4)                    2nd (11)               3rd (6)


UPPER GROUP (age 8+)

1st    Inga Wei                age 12      53 points      28 total votes        1st (8 votes)        2nd (9 votes)       3rd (11 votes)

2nd  Brittany Lee           age 10      45 points      21 total votes        1st (8)                   2nd (8)                  3rd (5)

3rd   Eric Yu                    age 12      41 points      18 total votes        1st (10)                2nd (3)                  3rd (5)

4th   Jessica Hwang,    age 13      29 points      14 total votes        1st (6)                  2nd (3)                  3rd (5)

4th   Olivia Stavrou         age 13      29 points     15 total votes         1st (3)                 2nd (8)                   3rd (4)



- Favorite Card Artist is a new category. I had the students list the person that they most like to get the trading cards of. Trading cards show the artwork that students do in class AND outside of class. Winning this shows that Inga not only did a great job for the art contest, her peers have recognized her as someone who consistently creates great artwork during the year.