About the Game section:

The games on this site are violence-free. I do not agree that all computer or video games are bad. I try to find games that will benefit my students in some way. Fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, speed, reaction time, spatial reasoning, spatial resolution, and creativity are all things that games can help improve in your child.

Spatial reasoning is: the ability to recognize relationships between objects. This also includes the ability to visualize how an object would look if it was turned in a different direction.

Spatial resolution is: the ability to detect a shape or object. For example, if there was big pile of alphabet letters mixed together and the goal was to find the only letter X in the pile, the person with the best spatial resolution would be able to see the X the fastest.

Below is a short portion of an article by Gwen Dewar Ph.D. listing some more skills computer/video games can help children and adults with.